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Erin Green
5 min readDec 17, 2022
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Since starting this advice column last year, I’ve received 41 submissions on the subject of friendship. How do I set boundaries with my friends? Have I outgrown my friendship? Should I forgive a friend who betrayed me?

It’s a constant reminder that friendships, though fruitful for the soul, are at their core complicated connections, requiring considerable energy and patience. This week’s submission comes from someone saddled with the burden of expelling all of the efforts in a one-sided friendship and looking for guidance on navigating this dynamic.

  • Please note this submission has been edited to shorten the length.



Let’s be real; this friendship has more red flags than the U.N. From missing your wedding and baby shower with an apparent lack of remorse to judging your lifestyle and everything else in between, it is no wonder you don’t feel secure in this friendship. There are almost too many incidences to consider separately, so…



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